Inspiration and preparation

Today we got together for some inspiration and preparations.

First, we went to see the movie Don’t Come Knocking by Wim Wenders (and Sam Shepard). I’d planned to take Louis to this flick to convince him that we had to stop by Moab, Utah on our trip, as parts of the movie were shot there. But it turned out that most of the film was shot in Butte, Montana - which only made us want to go there as well!

As for the movie in general, it’s a calm, low-paced story, and as usual, Wim Wenders shows his genius for creating beautiful images.

After the movie, we headed over to what’s turned into our regular planning location, Friday’s on Karl Johan (the “strip” of Oslo).

Planning our trip, Friday's July 21st

With free wi-fi and a friendly waitress offering a steady flow of refills and use of the power outlet we spent several hours there, checking out alternate itineraries, exciting movie locations, car rental alternatives and so on.

Got tips? Comments? Do tell!