Take us to court!

This is just a list of things we’d like to visit or attend during our trip across the US. If you’ve got any information about how to fulfill our wishes or tips about where we should go for the best experience, please let us know (by leaving a comment at the bottom or hitting “help us” in the menu).

  • A football game (one pro, one college/high school)
  • A baptist church
  • A stand-up comedy club
  • A small town radio and/or TV station
  • A prison (preferrably as a visitor!)
  • A trial (preferrably in an old courthouse)
  • A frat party
  • A drive-in (do they still exist?)
  • A rodeo
  • A cotillion
  • A beauty pageant

And if anyone care to invite us, we’d really enjoy coming to your

  • Family dinner
  • Birthday party
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Wedding

Got tips? Comments? Do tell!