Shopping in Seattle and Portland

We’re spending six weeks on the road on a tight schedule. We don’t want to spend too much time doing laundry - it’s quite a drag to spend the one night in Washington D.C at a laundromat watching underwear dry. And stories of how friends lost some their favorite clothes when BA made their bags magically disappear, makes me want to leave my lucky T-shirt safe in the closet back home.

Thus, our plan is to travel light to Seattle, pick up our car and set course for the nearest outlet, where we’ll stock up on cheap T-shirts and underwear that we’ll just leave behind when they’re starting to smell…

Also, we plan to pick up a few gadgets and some photo equipment soon after our arrival. Both the price level and the currency rate suggests waiting to buy these things until we get to the US. But in Seattle there’s a 9% sales tax, so we’re able to save even more money by waiting until we get to Oregon to buy the more expensive stuff. So maybe we should just head on down to Portland and visit Cameraworld?

(But with inspirational shots like these from Seattle, who’d want to wait? And if we still decide to shop for photo gear in Seattle, some of the suggestions from people over at and were for Glazer’s Camera, OpTechs Camera and Ballard Camera..)

Anyhow, this is the photo equipment I want to buy soon after take-off:

I also need some extra storage for all the photos I hope to take along the way. I plan to buy a small external hard drive, maybe something like the SmartDisk Crossfire 160GB Drive or Pexagon Store-it??

To be able to power up all our gadgets we need to pick up an adapter (or more - to be able to bring life to several cameras, a powerbook, some iPods etc. at the same time). Those should be pretty easy to find, and we might even remember to buy one at the airport, but I’m mentioning it here just to make sure we don’t forget about it.

Oh.. and if I have any money left when we get to New York, I’ll stop by B&H and pick up a macro lens

Got tips? Comments? Do tell!