One year after…

It’s now a year since we returned home after our fantastic trip around the US. And yes, there’s still work left to be done here on the site. I know there’s a bunch of you crawling around in anticipation for the latest reports from our trip. Not. The only two people who probably care are yours truly and my ardent driver.

Our summaries of the trip is first and foremost a way for the two of us to keep a record of all our adventures - so that we can go back and reminisce when we’re old and settled. Even now, only a year after our trip ended, we find it amusing to go back and rediscover small happenings and details that have slipped our mind.

But if our blog can serve as inspiration for others planning to travel across this great country, nothing would please us more! So - we DO have plans to finish up the last reports and reorganize this site so that it’s easier to navigate and find the different highlights. Life just tends to get in the way of the process =) But it’ll happen. Some day!

Got tips? Comments? Do tell!