According to our plan, we’ll fly into Seattle. We might need a day or two to get rid of jet lag and adjust to local time, and we will try to check out a few things in and around Seattle before we start our trip down south.

The Space Needle is probably a must-see, if not impossible-not-to- see. We might not feel the urge to pay $14 per person to get up to the observation deck, but if we do, we’ll see something like this:

Seattle from the Space Needle, courtesy of Viton
Seattle as seen from the Space Needle, courtesy of Viton

Here’s a list of other stuff to visit while in Seattle:

Lake View Cemetary
Bruce and Brandon Lee are both buried at the Lake View Cemetary.
Jimi Hendrix Memorial
The Jimi Hendrix Official Gravesite Memorial is located in Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, north east of the Seattle Tacoma Airport.
The Pike Place Market
A huge market located in downtown Seattle, in an area with a lot of historic buildings. Also the location for the worlds first Starbucks.
The first GameWorks opened in Downtown Seattle in 1997, and this might be a fun place to charge the batteries before we hit the road!
Qwest Field
It would be fun to catch a pro football game, but travelling off season makes it a bit hard. I basically added this because of a fun satellite shot of the Seahawks Stadium over at Google Maps. Seems to be seconds before a touch down!
The Nordic Museum
This looks really, really boring - and it’s really not the first ting we want to visit after leaving Norway. But if we start having regrets about the trip, it might help us get back on track!
By the way.. if we’re really homesick (or want to brag about being real Norwegians), we ought to stop by the “Norwegian” City of Poulsbo, located in Kitsap County by the Liberty Bay.

What others say:

And then a list of guides to Seattle:

As always, please drop us a note if you know about something we ought to see while we’re in the Seattle area!

And of course, stay tuned to see what we end up doing when we get there!

Seattle Skyline, PS Custom Shape made by Hilde SkjĂžlberg

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