Updated itinerary: Day to day

We’re rushing towards take off, and have been taking a more serious look at our itinerary. We realize that this is a fairly tight schedule, but what the heck..

Without further ado, here is our updated day-to-day itinerary:

Wednesday April 4th
We leave Oslo at 07:50 AM (local time) Wednesday April 4th
We (hopefully) arrive in Seattle around 09:30 PM Wednesday April 4th, and stay until Saturday April 7th
Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th of April
We spend a few days in Seattle to get rid of the jet lag, pick up the car, practice our English and look for our favorite Greys Anatomy cast members. Then we start our journey on Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th, heading for San Francisco
Tuesday April 10th - Wednesday 11th
We arrive in San Francisco on Tuesday 10th, and spend Tuesday and Wednesday there.
Thursday April 12t
On Thursday we head down the coast towards Los Angeles
Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of April
We spend the weekend (including Friday 13th - uh-oooh!) in the Los Angeles area. We might travel further down the coast looking for a nice resort for the weekend.
Monday April 16th
We leave la-la land Monday 16th, visiting a part of the Route 66 and Bagdad Café on our way to Las Vegas. We spend the night in Vegas, probably celebrating Louis’s upcoming birthday!
Tuesday April 17th - Wednesday April 18th
We wake up to Louis’s birthday in Las Vegas (if we ever go to sleep?), but don’t intend to stay for too long. After a celebratory breakfast we drive into the land of the old Western movies. Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moab.. We need to be in Grand Junction, Colorado by Wednesday evening, and intend to spend two days in the scenic area of northern Arizona and southern Utah.
Thursday April 19th
We drop the car off on Wednesday night, and board the Amtrak California Zephyr line heading for Chicago at 10:43 am on Thursday April 19.
Friday April 20th to Wednesday 25th
We arrive in Chicago at 3:30 pm Friday April 20th. We’re not leaving until Wednesday, but plan to take a detour up to Madison, Wisconsin to visit a friend of ours for a day or two. Another friend might come up from Kentucky to meet us in Chicago during the weekend, so we’ll have to sort out which days to spend where.
Wednesday April 25th
We get on a train to Boston on Wednesday 25th at 10 pm. (unless we get tired of Chicago and leave a day earlier - to get more time to spend in Boston).
Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of April
We arrive in Boston late Thursday night, and head for a hotel. We pick up a new car on Friday morning, and spend Friday checking out the Boston area, including Harvard. From here on we might adjust the schedule a bit as we go, as long as we manage to get to Miami in time for our last car swap.
Saturday April 28th
On Saturday we leave Boston, driving south towards Philadelphia. We might stop by New Haven to check out Yale, and hope to visit Kevin Smiths universe in Red Banks, New Jersey. We’re not sure how far south we’ll manage to get in one day (suggestion from Yahoo! Maps), but we plan to make one stop-over on the way down to Philly.
Sunday 29th of April
We’ll have to arrive in Philadelphia before the library and museums close at 5pm. We’ll mimic Rocky and run up the stairs in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum, then grab a bite and head further south towards Washington D.C. We might drive up to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to visit the Amish, then past Gettysburg and down to Baltimore or all the way down to Washington (estimate at Yahoo! Maps).
Monday April 30th
We’ll drive into DC either Sunday night or Monday morning. We’ve initially planned to spend only Monday in DC, but as all the museums are closed on Monday, we might decide to stay for one more day - at least until Tuesday afternoon.
Tuesday May 1st
We’re heading for Savannah, Georgia, and want to stop by a few interesting places along the road. But the schedule is getting tight, and we want to reach Savannah by Wednesday. Richmond, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte and Charleston are all places we’d like to visit, but we’ll just have to see what the time (and traffic) allows.
Wednesday May 2nd
Hopefully, we’ll get to Savannah in the early afternoon of Wednesday May 2nd and spend the evening and night there.
Thursday May 3rd and Friday 4th
Then we’ll leave Savannah after lunch on Thursday May 3rd, and head for Nashville. We’ll try to stop by Juliette, GA (where “Fried Green Tomatoes..” was shot), Atlanta, Chattanooga and Lynchburg, TN (the Jack Daniel Distillery) - with a possible stop-over in Chattanooga. We hope to arrive in Nashville around dinnertime on Friday May 4th.
Friday 4th to Sunday 6th of May
We spend the weekend in Nashville and Memphis. Some friends of Selma will be in the area (visiting Dollywood), so we might try to catch up with them. And by pure coincidence, The Beale Street Music Festival is taking place in Memphis from May 4-6. So we’ll just see when we go from Nashville to Memphis.
Monday May 7th
We leave Memphis late Sunday or early Monday, heading for New Orleans. We’ll take the Route 61 down to Clarksdale, Mississippi (where we’ll spend the night if we leave on Sunday). Then it’ll be a long drive down to New Orleans, where we hopefully arrive Monday evening.
Tuesday May 8th
We’ll spend Tuesday May 8th in New Orleans.Net nearly enough time, but that’s all we’ve got for now.
Wednesday May 9th and Thursday 10th
We’ll leave New Orleans around lunch time on Wednesday May 9th, heading for Miami. This will be yet another long drive along the Florida panhandle and down Florida, with just one stop-over. We might make a short stop in Mobile, Alabama or go for an afternoon swim at the Pensacola Beach, eat dinner outside of Tallahassee and find a place to sleep somewhere between Tallahassee and Orlando or Tampa (we’ll decide where to go as we get there). Then, on Thursday, we speed down to Miami.
Friday May 11th to Sunday May 13th
We swap the Lincoln Towncar for a Mustang in Miami on Friday May 11th, and head out to the Florida Keys. We’ll spend the weekend in Key West, and head back to Miami Sunday night
Monday May 14th
On Monday morning we drop the car off and get on the plane to New York City, where we arrive arround 6 pm.
Tuesday May 15th and Wednesday May 16th
We spend Tuesday and Wednesday in NYC, spending whatever money we have left.
Thursday May 17th
Then, on the afternoon of Thursday May 17th (Norwegian Independence day), we get on the plane that will carry us back home - after more than 40 days on the road!

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thor trå wrote:

Lykke til på turen
Eg har gjort den og tjente gode pengar i Las Vegas.
Feira bursdag med RSP i Grand Canyon og vart forfulgt av politiet i LA. Me køyrde ein stor Van med senger og plass til 7 haikarar, eg har i ettertid skjønt at turen ikkje var særlig miljøvennlig.
På mandag reiser eg til Malaysia.
Dere må love å ikkje oppføre dere pent og ta med eit norsk flagg slik at dere møter morsomme slektningar på vegen.

April 3rd, 2007 at 01:15 (permalink)

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