And we’re on the road!

Our trip started at 05:45 am on April 4th, as we got on the airport train at Oslo Central Station. Our first flight took us to London in two hours, and after two more hours we boarded the plane that would take us to the US. Some seven hours later we arrived at the JFK Airport - and we’d started to get seriously tired.

Louis outside the JFK airport
Louis outside the JFK airport, New York

Selma got in trouble with the law at JFK. Her evil master plan of smuggeling two lighters into the US was foiled by alert security agents. After this short runnin’ with the law we had almost 4 hours to kill before the next flight. Selma dragged Louis out for a whiff of “fresh air” in the rainy New York afternoon - and we seriously hope the weather gets better before we get back to the area in a few weeks! We decided to test the first taste of American cuisine and went to the Soho Bistro next to our gate. The beer was surprisingly good and Selma gives the water two thumbs up. Then there was more waiting. We entered the plane for Seattle on time, but we spent one hour on the ground for some reason or other. Louis did not notice since he fell asleep 5 min after boarding. The plane ride was not that eventful, except a small medical emergency. Louis did not respond to the “is there a doctor on board”, nor did Selma - who now was fast asleep, after stealing Louis’s Snoozer inflatable pillow. And then: TOUCHDOWN!

We were on the ground in Seattle and the weather was great. Louis, who some of you also know as Grill Bill, was approached by someone who asked “Are you Beer Bill?” Louis was tempted to say “Yes, how did you know?”. It turns out that Louis looks just like some guy that goes to all the ballgames and sells beers. The guys should only had known that Louis has brought with him a sixpack of Aass beer! (And imagine how fun it would have been to see the guy - who, by the way, bore some resemblance to Dr. Phil - if Louis had’ answered “No - I’m Grill Bill of Grill Bill and the Hot Dogs”.. )

After a nice taxi ride into the city we arrived at the Mediterranean Inn at Queen Anne ave. The room was nice and clean. We went to the Safeway, a supermarket, next door, and got some supplies. Selma had to go one extra trip since her fireworks operating equipment had been confiscated at JFK. She also went up on the roof and took some shots of the Space Needle and Seattle skyline. A quick shower later and we were ready for bed. Night all!

Shot of the Space Needle - from the roof of the Mediterranean Inn
Shot of the Space Needle - from the roof of the Mediterranean Inn

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Cathrine wrote:

05:45 pm? I will say AM, I remember a very tired girlfriend that morning =)

April 6th, 2007 at 10:10 (permalink)
Selma wrote:

Your right, my dear. I’ll fix it right away. The girlfriend was still very tired as she wrote this. And she’s very tired right now..

April 6th, 2007 at 15:20 (permalink)

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