Chicago to Boston

So, we got on the train in Chicago on Tuesday night, heading first for Albany, NY and then on to another train taking us to Boston. And, fortunately, this ride with the AmTrak train wasn’t as adventurous as the first one - and thus, there is no reason to make this a long post.

The train left Union Station on time, and after some wine and cheese in the dining car, we went back to our roomette to settle in for the night. Selma managed to sleep on and off through most of the night on the train, and felt a lot better than on their last encounter with AmTrak. Louis didn’t sleep that well, but managed to get a few hours. We skipped breakfast, and crawled out of bed just in time for lunch. The weather was damp and foggy, the surroundings were rather boring - so we didn’t spend much time staring out of the windows. Rather, we occupied ourselves by writing reports from our last days, going through and picking out photos for Flickr - and sleeping.

Our AmTrak train from Albany to Boston
Our AmTrak train from Albany to Boston

We arrived in Albany-Rensselair on time, and after ten minutes of waiting at the station we were settled on the train heading for Boston. This was a six hour ride, and had no sleeping cars, but we’d payed $30 extra to get business class seats. It was well worth the extra cost, and we had a comfortable trip into Boston.

At 9:30 pm we arrived in Boston, 30 minutes ahead of schedule, and hailed a cab to take us to our hotel, the Holiday Inn: Boston Government Center, located near Beacon Hill.

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