Sorry for the delay!

We’re falling behind on the writing here, and we’re sorry! Writing up summaries of our adventures and sorting through all of our photos takes a while, and we do spend most of our time out and about.

But we’re both fine - we see and experience so much exciting every day! After spending the weekend in San Diego, we headed for Las Vegas. We arrived pretty late, but managed to find a (rather crappy) room at the Excalibur. A big convention was taking place in Vegas from Monday on, which doubled the prices all over town. So we had to lower our standards, and settled in at a rather creepy motel for the next night. We spent the day walking around in Las Vegas - and managed to get through the stay without gambling away any money (actually, Selma spent 75 cents and won $7.50 - and that was all the gambling we tried).

We left Las Vegas this morning , and drove past the Hoover Dam on our way to Grand Canyon. We arrived at the North Rim just as the sun was setting, and were amazed by the grandeur of the hole in the ground!

From Grand Canyon we set course for Tuba City - a small town in Arizona (some might have seen an episode of Extreme Makeover - Home Edition taking place here). We drove through total darkness before arriving at a small city center of sorts, where we were greeted by three horses(!) walking around a abandoned gas station. That got us a bit worried, and it didn’t lift our spirits when we found what seemed to be the only motel in town - with the “No vacancy” sign blinking towards us. But after some driving around, we finally located what could only be described as a school dormitory (folkehøgskole) - where they rent out rooms for $55 per night. No bathroom in the rooms, but the sheets are clean and we’ve got framed indians over our beds - so we’re satisfied and happy that we don’t have to spend the night under the stars.

Well, Selma is. Louis wouldn’t mind spending the night out in the wild, and it WAS his birthday after all - but he was gentleman enough to let the girl have her beauty sleep under clean covers.

So now we’re going to bed. The wi-fi doesn’t reach as far as our room, so we’re posting this from a staircase close by the lobby. We’ve uploaded a few pictures from San Diego to Flickr, but we’ll hopefully be able to upload more pictures and posts within the next couple of days..

Hope all is well with our peeps back home! Thanks for all the comments and especially the attention to Louis’s birthday! Keep sending us tips and cheers if you know we’re heading for something fun! (And as for all the requests about Louis and his beard - stay tuned!)

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Andreas wrote:

No pictures from Vegas?

April 18th, 2007 at 10:36 (permalink)
Andreas wrote:

On the other hand, don’t spend your time updating the Blog!

April 18th, 2007 at 10:40 (permalink)
Selma-n-Louis wrote:

We’ll upload pictures and write about our last days as soon as we get some free time - hopefully later tonight.

Now we’re heading for the desert. If you don’t see any updates in a few days, tell someone to go looking for us between Tuba City and Moab!

April 18th, 2007 at 17:55 (permalink)

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