Let us introduce: Brad

We promised to introduce our traveling partner, Brad, as soon as we got on the road. And here he is:

Here's Brad

Bradford is, as you might see, a moose. He’s a Norwegian moose. And with that pretty scarf of his, he’s our Norwegian identity tag.

But not only that - Brad’s got a (big) nose for great food and nice hang-outs, so he’ll make sure we’ll always find the best places to go.

Brad might be applying for a job in Norwegian Radio, so he’s trying to put together a quiz concept while we’re on the road. Here you can see him in action:

Brad in Seattle

And - he might stop by this blog with some commentaries every now and then.

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Isa wrote:

Brad Rocks. I love Moose lol

March 29th, 2008 at 10:03 (permalink)

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