Newport, OR - Eureka, CA

Outside the Best Western Agate Beach InnOutside the Best Western Agate Beach Inn

On Saturday 7th, we traveled from Newport, Oregon and down to Eureka, just across the border to California.

For the first time since we arrived, Selma had a good nights sleep. We checked out of the hotel at noon, and packed the car. Before hitting the road, Selma took the car for a short spin around the parking area - just to practice in case she was going to drive later on (but as long as Louis wants to drive, he’s very welcome!).

Unfortunately, the great weather had disappeared during the night, so we had to battle rain, mist and heavy clouds most of the day. It made for a dramatic effect along the coast, but the photos suffered from the gray light. Still, we took a whole bunch of pictures - both from the (moving) car, and from various stops along the road.

We didn’t really experience all that much during the day - we basically just drove, stopped to take photos, drove, stopped to eat, drove, drove and drove. But it was a very exciting scenery, and we were really happy that we chose to take the 101 along the coast instead of driving the inland highway straight down!

We arrived in Eureka, CA around 8pm and Kitty directed us straight to the motel. It turned out that the reservation we made online before leaving Newport the same morning, wasn’t registered - so the clerk apologized for having to give us a new (and better!) price for the room. We originally booked it for $79, he offered it to us for $69. So this could have balanced the high rate at our last hotel, - except when Selma checked her bank statements online after arriving at the room, they’d been charged twice for the stay (both from the online reservation and the one made upon arrival). The clerk later promised to reimburse one of the billings, but I guess we’d better keep an eye on the statements to see what happens…

Anyhow - the booking mishap wasn’t the clerks fault, and still he apologized left and right. And - he gave us directions to one of the local bars, the Lost Coast Brewery. So after carrying all the luggage into our room, we walked down the few blocks to the Brewery for some dinner - and beer. Well, Selma stuck to her Coke, but Louis ordered a deal with small samples of ten different beers. The food was nice, the bar was full and lively, and the decoration was… well, special (like a huge spider coming down every time someone went through the door).

Then we were ready to go back to the motel and get some sleep, as we knew we had another day of driving ahead of us (- but we had no idea about HOW much driving it would be… to be continued!)…

As we seem to have some problems uploading pictures to Flickr as we are posting this, we’ll put some pictures from our trip down the coast here in this post:

Rainy roadIt was a rainy day along the Oregon coast…

A big bush/tree looking like a wave over the roadStill, we saw many fascinating works of nature

Sign of Leaving tsunami hazard zoneWe went in an out of tsunami hazard zones

ATV/Dune buggies at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation AreaATV/Dune buggies at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Wildlife along the roadWildlife along the road

A seagull watching Louis as he's photographing the coastA seagull watching Louis as he’s photographing the coast

A closer look at the seagullsA closer look at the seagulls

Along the Oregon CoastAlong the Oregon Coast

A look at the dashboard  after one day + a few hours on the roadA look at the dashboard after one day + a few hours on the road

Welcome to California!Welcome to California!

Past the California border, it's more grass fields than rugged coast. So far.Past the California border, it’s more grass fields than rugged coast. So far.

Louis with his ten beer samples. With one down, nine to go.Louis with his ten beer samples. With one down, nine to go.

There are 6 responses to “Newport, OR - Eureka, CA”

asle wrote:

Nice pictures! In order to stay cool you gotta move;-) Just got down from the Norwegian mountains with “enough” snow for everybody. Hope we can soon pack down jackets and sweaters and dress like you do (on some pictures)! Say hello to Fishermans Wharf from me!

April 10th, 2007 at 09:43 (permalink)
RitaBandita wrote:

I would like some of that beeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!
Have a good trip down to SF :)

April 10th, 2007 at 23:29 (permalink)
Andreas wrote:

mmmmm. Beeeeerrrrrr.
Kule bilder! God tur videre!

April 11th, 2007 at 10:40 (permalink)
JX wrote:

Your gray light problem can perhaps be solved in the future by using a product such as this one (a white balance card): http://www.amazon.com/WhiBal-Pocket-White-Balance-Reference/dp/B000ARHJPW

This can be done for free using white paper and manual white balance setting, but the card is very handy.

April 12th, 2007 at 09:23 (permalink)
Håvard wrote:

For det første så heter han Bill, Grill Bill. Ikke Louis.

For det andre så klarer han ikke alle de 10 ølene…

Vi skal i studio på lørdag og spille inn gitarer. Enjoy…

April 12th, 2007 at 18:45 (permalink)
Helen wrote:

Stoore trær kler deg!

April 13th, 2007 at 15:03 (permalink)

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